Group Photo and Cobweb Tour info

A special note to all club members. This year is our 35th year for our club. In remembrance of the anniversary we want to have a special club photo on April 20th. We hope to have everybody and their car in this photo. We are working on a special write up for the paper, and then also Dave Sell is constructing a book for the club. If anybody has any pictures or stories we would be interested in having that information or pictures. Please send this information to Dave Sell's email

Also on this date April 20th is our cobweb tour so will be taking pictures first thing in the morning and then going on the cobweb tour.  This is something very special for the club and I would love everybody to participate and have their car there for pictures. Then an outing together. And I would really like to have a large turnout this will be very important and a special day for the club.