Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Hoosier Mustang Club hereinafter called THE CLUB.

Section 2. The purpose of THE CLUB shall be to as follows:

A. Bring together owners of Ford Mustangs interested in motoring as sports and past time and to encourage pride in ownership and the preserving of such automobiles.

B. Promote, organize and supervise club outings and meetings, car events such as tours, rallies, shows and other events whether motoring or otherwise.

C. Establish rules and regulations governing all activities of THE CLUB.

D. THE CLUB shall operate as a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code and the State of Indiana.

E. Provide owners with technical information concerning automobiles and to encourage the exchange of ideas, general and technical information pertaining to efficient and satisfactory operation of an automobile.

F. Promote and encourage safe and skillful driving. No Alcoholic Beverages are to be consumed during meetings or before tours, parades or vehicular activities.

Section 3. The emblem of THE CLUB shall be of any design selected by two-thirds majority of the general membership, but shall contain the inscription “Hoosier Mustang Club”.



Section 1. The Government of THE CLUB shall be vested in Executive Board and the elected officers and necessary committees as herein defined.

Section 2. (The elected Officers of THE CLUB shall be the President, Vice President,

Secretary and Treasurer. The elected officers may not hold the same office for more than two (2) consecutive years.  Volunteers for longer terms must be voted on at the yearly election cycle by the membership to serve an additional one year term.

Section 3.

A. The Executive Board shall consist of the elected Officers, the immediate past president, if qualified, and such elected members necessary to bring the total membership of the Executive Board to five (5). A quorum shall consist of a two- thirds majority vote of the total membership of the Executive board.

B. The Chairperson of the Executive Board, at any meeting of said Board, shall be the highest elected Officer present at said meeting.

C. The current Officers shall be members of the Executive Board during their tenure in office. The past President shall be a member of the Executive Board from the close of the calendar year at which the tenure in office of the President ends. Elected members of the Board shall serve from the close of the calendar year following their election until the close of the following calendar year.

D. If the past President is not able to fill his/her position on the Executive Board (being that he/she is elected to another office) during the current year, an additional Board member will be elected for a term of one (1) year.

E. Nominations for each elected board member shall be made at the October meeting and announced by the Secretary in the October newsletter. The election of these nominees shall take place at the November meeting.

Section 4.

A. Results of the election shall be announced by the Secretary immediately and each member shall receive written notification of said results in THE CLUB minutes.

B. Officers shall be declared elected upon receiving a majority of the votes cast. Section 5.

A. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Members and the Executive Board. He/she shall supervise, direct and control the business and affairs of THE CLUB. The President shall sign all instruments in writing, provided, that all instruments are approved by the Executive Board.

B. The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, perform all the duties of the President as set forth in Section 5A. It is recommended the Vice President attend all meetings.

C. The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the membership and of the Executive Board and shall record all minutes and votes. All minutes and votes will then be published in the next newsletter. He/she shall conduct the correspondence of The CLUB, prepare and provide each member with a copy of the Newsletter, prepare voting ballots and record attendance. In the absence of the Secretary from any meeting, A Secretary Pro-temp shall be chosen by the presiding officer.

D. The Treasurer shall, subject to such conditions and restrictions as may be made by the Executive Board, receive monies of THE CLUB debits and make payments of THE CLUB’S debts. He/she shall give a report of the financial status of THE CLUB at every meeting of the membership, and, if so requested, at any other meeting of the Executive Board. No other

debts, obligations or other liability shall be incurred by the Treasurer without the specific prior approval of the General Membership. The Treasurer, when informed, shall be responsible for providing recognition, in the interest of THE CLUB, for a death of any member, their spouse, mother, father, children, and stepchildren of club members and spouse. The recognition will be in the form of a contribution to a charity in their memory. The total contribution shall not exceed $25.00.

E. The Public Relations Coordinator shall be responsible for developing and maintaining the public image of The Club.

F. Car Show Chairperson: Organizes and oversees all details of the Hoosier Summer Slam Car Show that is held on an annual basis which involves: establishing and monitoring all committees and makes sure every committee has a lead person; provides a report to the Club President or attends the club meetings and provides an update on the status of the upcoming show; correspondence to members, and past participants; works with the venue of the event and signs any contracts; works with the Event Coordinator concerning food, electricity, and any other items needed for the show. The CSC works with committees regarding flyers, publicity, registrations, charities, trophies, door prizes/raffles, site plans, and authorizes and reports to the judges the various winners of trophies and awards.

G. The Website Coordinator maintains and updates the following: The HMC Website – which includes the annual web domain registration fees currently with; the HMC private Facebook page with current events and news; and, the HMC online calendar.

(Additional duties can include taking photos and/or videos for the website and Facebook pages. Also every 5 years creating and publishing a HMC Membership Book containing photos of the members and their cars.)

H. The Event Coordinator shall meet with Club members at the beginning of each year to update the activity calendar with input from The Club officers; coordinate car shows that The Club may attend for the year; schedule picnics/meals and make reservations when applicable for a facility; schedule and coordinate pony rides with The Club; send weekly activity emails to members; coordinate with the Treasurer The Club membership and maintain The HMC Membership Database. He/she shall also manage the attendance for club meetings and activities and take orders for club clothing attire.


Section 1. The membership of THE CLUB shall be of two classes: Regular and Charter.

A. Regular member must:
1. May/may not currently own any year Ford Mustang.

2. Possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license and hold insurance coverage that satisfies the Indiana State Responsibility Act. They shall be able to show proof, if requested, by the President and Treasurer.

3. Have paid such dues and fees as provided by this Article.

B. Charter Members shall be a person who became affiliated with this club on June 6, 1978. (See Article VII, Hoosier Mustang Club By-Laws).

Section 2.

A. Those under the age of eighteen (18), owning a Mustang, will qualify for family membership if parents are members, until the end of the calendar year of their 18th birthday. Those under the age of 18 without parental membership will be subject to single membership with written consent from parent or guardian relieving THE CLUB of any and all liability.

B. Persons who have not fulfilled all prerequisites due to certain circumstances may be considered for membership by the Executive Board.

Section 3.
A. Dues will be payable at the first meeting in February.

B. Any member who has not paid dues by the first meeting of April shall have no voting rights or privileges in the Club and shall be considered inactive and be removed from further email or communication.

C. Any member may be suspended by a majority vote of the Executive Board for infraction of THE CLUB rules or any other causes considered by the Executive Board to be detrimental to THE CLUB. The Executive Board shall notify the plaintiff and defendant in writing of the time, date and place to review the circumstances. At meeting the plaintiff is excused while the defendant is being heard and vice versa. They shall both be excused while the Board votes on charges by secret ballot. A majority vote of the Executive Board shall be required for expulsion. The Executive Board shall notify any member in writing, within one week after the review, that his/her expulsion was considered and the action taken in the matter by the Executive Board.

D. Any Executive Board member may resign from THE CLUB by directing a letter of resignation to the President and Treasurer. His/her resignation shall be effective upon receipt, provided all indebtedness to THE CLUB is paid.



Section 1. The meetings of the Membership of THE CLUB shall be held once a month on a fixed day as determined by vote of the membership.

Section 2. The meetings of the Executive Board shall be held when deemed necessary by the President.

Section 3. All meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 4. The President of the Executive Board shall call a meeting prior to the first meeting in February to review By-Laws and Procedures.



Section 1. The Executive Board (five (5) members) as specified in Article II, Section 3, in good standing, by written petitions submitted to the Secretary may purpose an Amendment to the Constitution of THE CLUB.

Section 2. The proposed amendment shall be approved and adopted by a majority vote, of the entire Executive Board.

Section 3. Upon such amendment being passed, a copy there-of shall be included in the next monthly newsletter and presented to the General Membership at the next meeting. The proposal may be overridden by a majority of the members at the General Meeting.



Section 1. Upon disbandment, disposition of said assets of THE CLUB shall be voted on by the current paid-up members for said calendar year.




Section 1.
A. These By-laws shall be amended at any time by a majority of the entire Executive Board.

B. It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary of THE CLUB to update these By- laws from the minutes of the Executive Board meeting and to notify THE CLUB members of these changes.

Section 1.



A. The yearly dues are Twenty Dollars ($20). The Treasurer will keep the record. The amount of the yearly dues may be changed by a majority vote of members present.

B. New members joining THE CLUB will pay the following dues for the remainder of the first calendar year:

1. New Members joining January 1 thru June 30 will pay the full year dues.

2. New members joining July 1 thru September 30 will pay half of the year's dues for the remainder of the first year.

3. Members joining October 1 thru December 31 will not be required to pay dues for the remainder of the first year.

C. In addition to the above, all new members of THE CLUB shall receive, upon a request to the Secretary, a copy of THE CLUB’S Constitution and By-Laws, and a current membership list. These shall be presented to each new member provided that he/she has paid his/her dues.

D. Full Time Active Duty Military and Veterans who wish to join the HMC will be granted free membership,

Section 1.



A. Any member of the Hoosier Mustang Club seeking reimbursement for cost (other than postage, post office box rent, memorials) incurred for THE CLUB must submit a bill in writing to the Treasurer no later than 30 days after the occurrence of said costs.



Section 1.
See Article II; Section 3-A of the Constitution.

A. Special meetings can be called by the President, or when requested by three (3) or more members of the Executive Board.

B. The Executive Board shall authorize all expenditures and shall not create any indebtedness beyond the current income of the club, nor authorize disbursal of THE CLUB’S funds for purposes inconsistent with the business and policy authorized by THE CLUB membership.

C. An audit of the books, accounts and operation of THE CLUB shall be annually, or at its discretion, more frequently and may require an accounting, or have an audit made of the handling of any club funds by any Officer, Committee or Member of THE CLUB. Any member of this club in good standing may inspect any such audit or accounting upon request at a reasonable time and place.



Section 1.

A. The Secretary shall be responsible for making up the ballots for the current paid up members of THE CLUB.

B. New members are not eligible to run for any club office until at least one year of membership has been completed. Also dues must be paid up prior to being placed on an election ballot.



Section 1.

A current Membership list shall be available to paid active members revised and distributed annually.



Section 1.
Charter members are the founders of the Hoosier Mustang Club. They include the following members:

Marshall Allman (deceased) 

Tom Blades

Bob Bozell
Jim Bott

Ralph Collins (deceased) 

Jack Cross (deceased) 

Ronald Cross
Charles Fulp (deceased) 

Lonnie Hembree

Kenny Nanney (deceased) 

Bill Neal (deceased) 

Hubert Perry (deceased)

Logan Ping (deceased) 

Ralph Schnell (deceased) 

Robert Verbarg

Larry Westmeyer (deceased) 

Paul Wright (deceased)