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February 2010


Greetings.  2010 is in full swing and it is time to get our motors running for a fun filled year.

Our first meeting of the year will be held on Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at Golden Corral.  This is a new meeting place for The Club.

Come and join us for dinner beginning at 6:00 P.M., with the meeting to follow at 7:00 P.M.  The meeting will be held in the banquet room.

Golden Corral is offering a 10% discount on meals to club members the night of meetings.  $1.50 gratuity per person will be added automatically to your meal.

A friendly reminder to everyone: Dues should be paid for all members who joined the club prior to July 31, 2009.  Dues for members joining after this date are to be paid on the anniversary date of the member joining the club.  Please check with the Secretary to find out when your dues should be paid.


If you have any news about your Classic car, New car, anything that you would like to list For Sale or Events that you know are going on in the area, please submit this information to me at, and I will be glad to list it in the newsletter.


November 2009

The Hoosier Mustang Club met November 14 at the Tannehill Club House for a pitch-in meal and meeting. The event was hosted by Don and Martha Lawless. Sharon Hembree offered the blessing before the meal.

In the absence of President Jim Bott, Vice-President Don Lawless presided over the business meeting. The 50/50 drawing of $15 was won by Joan Mabe. There were 26 members and 5 guests present.

Martha Lawless reported that the rental fee for the Club House was $20 rather than the $25 payment submitted to Tannehill. The HMC will have a $5 credit in 2010 towards the rental.

Frank Bayles reported on the final cruise-in held October 20th at Ritter’s. There were several cars there from our club and the first cruise-in for 2010 will be May 4th.

Terry Thomas reported that there were 24 members and guests who have reservations for the Christmas party to be held Saturday December 12th    at Café Batar in Seymour. Those attending should be there by 6PM and bring a $10 gift each for a man and woman for exchange. Also there will be 2- $25 cash drawings for both a man and woman.

There will be no January meeting. The next meeting of the Hoosier Mustang Club will be held February 10th at a location to be determined. This newsletter will be the last one for 2009. A brief meeting will be held at the Christmas Party.

The election of officers for 2010 was held with the following results: President-Frank Bayles, Vice-President-Kyle Weidner, Secretary-Tammi Adams, and Treasurer-Tieann Blackburn. The club would like to thank all those who accepted nominations for office.  In accordance with the By-Laws, the bank account will be audited after the December bank statement is received and before the new club treasurer assumes office.

Kyle Weidner reported on the World of Wheels event to be held February 12-14 in Indianapolis. This event is for car clubs to display their vehicles along with a theme and a display. The winning club receives $750 and also 2 outstanding club display awards of $150 each will be awarded. Kyle and Steve Weidner will participate and they need 2 more participants from our club. Help is also needed for display work and the selection of a theme. Some suggestions for a theme are: ‘A night at the drive-in’, ‘a few horses in the barn’, and ‘stampeding for our troops’.  Please contact Kyle or Steve if you want to participate in any way.

President-elect Frank Bayles stated he will have a meeting of his selected activities committee in January. Any suggestions for 2010 activities should be directed to Frank.

A motion was made by Ruthie Boyle that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded by Lynn Weidner. (motion passed)

Treasurers report:

                   Previous Balance                     $  836.57

                  50/50 drawing                                  15.00

                  Christmas Party reservations    $  330.00



                 Tannehill expense                     $     25.00

                  Festival of Lights                       $     15.00


                                                                    $      40.00


                    New Balance:                          $ 1,141.57



October 2009

The October 16th meeting of the Hoosier Mustang Club was held at the St. Peter Lutheran Church in Waymansville. This was a pitch-in with ham and beans and was hosted by Bill and Vickie Trimpe. Frank Bayles gave the blessing prior to the meal. The 50/50 drawing of $10 was won by Stacey Stater. There were 21 members and one guest present.

President Jim Bott presided over the business meeting and asked for event reports. Frank Bayles reported on the September 11 -13 show at General Butler State Park in Carrolton, Ky. Frank and Sandy Bayles won a 1st place and William and Danielle  Bayles won a 2nd place at this event hosted by the Falls City Mustang Club.

Bill Trimpe reported on the inaugural St. Peter Lutheran Church car and tractor show held September 12. Bill reported that this event was a great success with 55 cars and 43 tractors participating. Bill also thanked all those club members who attended. Kyle Weidner won the drawing for a Tony Stewart Scale Model car. 

Frank Bayles reported on the September 19th Hot Rods and Rock n Roll show held in downtown Columbus. The Hoosier Mustang Club had 19 cars participate in this event.

The Hope Heritage Days parade on September 27th had 6 cars from our group including Jim Bott, Ruthie Boyle, Jim Rudicel, Kyle and Amanda Weidner, Don and Martha Lawless, and Cyndi Foley. The club also received a beautiful trophy from this event.

The Columbus Ethnic Expo parade on October 10th included 9 cars from our club. Those participating were Jim and Marge Bott, Ruthie Boyle, Kyle and Amanda Weidner, Paul Moffitt, Russell Kuhn, Frank Bayles, Sandy Bayles, Claud and Tieann Blackburn, and Robert and Stacey Stater. The Hoosier Mustang Club also won a plaque from this parade.

As is our custom, the trophies and plaques from the parades were awarded to one of the participants from each event through a drawing. Ruthie Boyle won the plaque from the Ethnic Expo parade and Jim Rudicel won the trophy from the Hope Heritage Days parade.

The final cruise-in of the season at Ritter’s will be held on Tuesday, October 20. Ritter’s will provide pulled pork sandwiches and BBQ beans.

Terry Thomas reported on the upcoming December 12th Christmas party to be held at Café Batar. All those wanting to attend must sign up and pay no later than November 14th. The cost is $15 per person which is all inclusive of tips. Terry can be contacted by email ( or by phone (812-216-7845). Payment can be sent in advance to: HMC, PO Box 2065,Columbus, In. 47202 or can be paid at the next meeting.  

The next meeting will be a pitch-in at Tannehill club house on November 14that

5 PM. Table service and drinks will be provided. Don and Martha Lawless will host this meeting. All members are encouraged to attend this meeting because the election of the 2010 club officers will be held at this time. The 2010 nominees are: President, Claud Blackburn and Frank Bayles, Vice-President, Kyle Weidner and Claud Blackburn, Secretary, Tammy Adams and Stacy Stater, and Treasuer, Tieann Blackburn and Sandy Bayles.

Frank Bayles requested that Joan Mabe be appointed club historian. Upon accepting, Joan requested volunteers to help her. Kyle Weidner and Stacey Stater volunteered to help Joan with this task.  

The club discussed charitable donations that they normally make at the end of the year. Frank Bayles made a motion that the club make donations of $150 each to Hospice of SC Indiana and Love Chapel. The motion was seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

            Previous Balance             $656.57

            50/50 drawing                      10.00

            Dues                                  140.00

            Christmas party                   30.00




             No Expenditures:

             New Balance:                  $836.57       


September 2009

The Hoosier Mustang Club met September 9, 2009 at Bayles Upholstery Shop located on Hwy 31 south. This meeting was a pitch-in with Frank Bayles providing grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats. There were 16 members present, 1 guest, and one new member Clyde Parrott. Clyde also won the 50/50 drawing of $7.50.

President Jim Bott presided over the business meeting. Kyle Weidner reported on the August 15 Road Rally. This event was a first for the club and proved to be a success. It began at the Columbus Wal-Mart West parking lot and ended in Brown Co. State Park where a cookout was held. There was also a spark plug contest which was won by Kyle Weidner. There were 21 members and 4 quests that attended.

The Somerset, Ky. Mustang Show was held on August 21 and 22. Those members attending this event included Bill and Vicki Trimpe, Steve and Lynn Weidner, and Frank and Sandy Bayles. There were over 700 cars there including 400 Mustangs. The event included a cruise of cars that lasted several hours.

Ritter’s of Columbus has designated September 15th as Mustang night for the weekly Tuesday evening cruise-in. The event will last from 6-8PM. Also on September12, Waymansville St. Peter Lutheran Church will hold their first car and tractor show. Bill Trimpe has been instrumental in putting this event together and encourages everyone to attend.

Other events taking place is the Mustang Show at General Butler State Park in Carrolton, Ky. on September11-13 and Hot Rods and Rock n Roll in downtown Columbus on September 19th. Those attending this event will meet at the home of Stacy and Robert Stater, 1300 Jackson Street in Columbus at 9AM. The attendees will then proceed downtown to line up as a group. September 27th is the Hope Heritage Days Parade. Jim Bott has submitted the entry form for this event. Club members will be notified on time and place to meet at a later date. The Ethnic Expo Parade in Columbus will be held October 10th. The club is to enter Mill Race Park from the north by 8th streetbetween 8:30 and 10:45. The parade begins at 11AM. Judging will take place between 9:30 and 10:30. It was also announced that the Dairy Queen in North Vernon has a cruise-in every Saturday evening from 7-8PM for those interested.

The October ham and bean pitch-in will be held Friday October 16 rather than October 10th as originally scheduled. Again, it will be hosted by Bill and Vicki Trimpe at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Waymansville at 6PM. Ham and beans and table service will be provided and members are ask to bring salads, desserts, or any dish they wish to share. The club will use the shelter house immediately behind the church building. Also at this meeting, the club will accept nominations for officers for 2010. The election will be held at the November meeting. 

Frank Bayles made a motion that club dues be $20 per year, due and payable on the date of initial membership rather than every January. Bill Tripme seconded the motion. (motion passed)

Marge Bott made a motion that the club gives a yearly monetary donation to the food pantries rather having a food drives during the year. The motion was seconded and passed. The date and amount of the donation will be determined at the October meeting.

Frank Bayles reported that he had purchased software to prepare membership cards to be given annually to members upon receipt of dues. The cost of the software was $95.00 and the club will reimburse him for this expense.

The current balance in the club treasury is $771.57.


October Birthdays                   November Birthdays            December Birthdays

4th    George Russell               9th    Robert Stater                12th  Vickie Trimpe

11th  Paul Moffitt                      22nd  Marti Guthrie                21st  Don Lawless

20th  Sandy Bayles



August 2009


           The Hoosier Mustang club met August 12, 2009 at the China Buffet in Columbus. Following the meal President Jim Bott presided over the business meeting where 15 members were present. Russell Kuhn won the 50/50 drawing of $7.50.           

                 Kyle Weidner reported that the Friday night cruise-ins which had been moved to Potzo’s Pies on National Road have been suspended due to this business closing. There will continue to be cruise-ins every Tuesday evening from 6PM to 8PM at Ritters on Marr Road.

  Joan Mabe reminded the members present that any new members who wish to join the Hoosier Mustang Club now through the end of the year will only pay $10 for their membership. Also, Joan has membership packets for new members as well as current members.

                 The following are upcoming events for the club:

                    August 15  Road Rally with Kyle and Amanda Weidner and Steve and Lynn Weidner in charge of this event. The event will end in Brown County State Park with a cookout.

                    August 21-22  Somerset, Kentucky Mustang Show

                    September 9  Monthly meeting  at Frank Bayles Upholstery Shop – 6PM.  Meat and table service will be provided. Bring a covered dish, drinks, and lawn chairs.

                    September 11-13  September in the Park at Butler State Park in Carrolton, Kentucky. This event is being coordinated by the Derby City Mustang Club

                    September 12  First annual Cars and Tractor show at the St. Peter Lutheran Church in Waymansville. Registration is 10AM to 12Noon. Bill Trimpe is in charge of this event.

                    September 19  Hot Rods and Rock n Roll in downtown Columbus

                    September 27  Hope Heritage Days Parade.

  October 10  Columbus Ethnic Expo Parade.  Monthly meeting and ham and bean supper at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Waymansville. Bring drinks and a covered dish. Bill and Vickie Trimpe are in charge of the meeting arrangements.

    Also, Terry Thomas reminded the club of the Christmas Party that will again be held at Batar on December 12. Sign up sheets will be available starting in October and payment will be in advance. Due to the increase in size of the club, it will be very important to have a firm number of those who will be attending by mid-November. The cost is $15 per person.            

   Prior to the regular meeting, The Executive Board met to add an Amendment to the club’s By-Laws. Those in attendance were President Jim Bott, Vice-President Don Lawless, Co-Treasurer and Secretary Terry Thomas and Joan Mabe, and immediate past President Bill Trimpe. Under Article II, Section 1-C the following amendment was added:


              Full-time active duty military who wish to join the Hoosier Mustang Club will be granted free membership while they remain in an active status. This amendment shall be retro-active to the beginning of 2009.

            A big thanks goes out to Jim Bott for keeping the club information up to date and providing Executive Board members with the most up to date information.   

            Treasurer’s report:  Previous Balance   $ 697.07

                                            50/50 Drawing              7.50

                                            Dues                            40.00


                                                                           $ 744.57                   

                                             No Expenditures:

                                             Balance                 $ 744.57


July 2009

 The July 11th meeting of the Hoosier Mustang Club was held  at the Hartsville Pavillion.   The pitch-in with homemade ice cream was enjoyed by 24 members and one guest, Maxine Howard. It was hosted by Ruthie Boyle. A great job , Ruthie & Maxine. The 50/50 drawing of $10.50 was won by Danielle Bayles. 

      President Jim Bott  presided over the business meeting. He noted that there were 6 cars and 9 people in the North Vernon Railroad Days Parade on Sunday June 14 : Jim & Margie Bott, Ruthie Boyle, Bill Trimpe, Claude & Tieann Blackburn, Jim Rudicel and Kyle & Amanda Wiedener.

      Frank Bayles noted that  the  Friday nite cruise-in needed a better location with more traffic exposure, which included food and restroom facilities. This has been reminded by relocating to the Potoza Pie Building lot on National Road (across from DairyQueen).

      The Club’s Executive Board will meet to add an amendment to our By-Laws to state that “full time active duty” military who wish to join our club will be granted free membership. This was made into a motion at the June meeting by Frank Bayles, seconded and it received a unanimous vote of those attending.

      Kyle Weidner explained the August 15th Road Rally participants are to assemble at Walmart West parking lot and will start at 3pm. He suggested that the drivers have a “co-pilot” to ride along to take notes of the information signs along the route. The final destination will be in the Brown County State Park where the meal will be served in the Tulip Shelter House, eating at approx. 5pm. The hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments and table service will be provided and otherwise bring a covered dish & their own drinks.

As per constitution, no alcoholic beverages are allowed at our functions. Those who aren’t in the road rally are welcomed to meet at the site to welcome those who drive the course and join in the meal and fellowship.

      Sect’y Joan Mabe will have information packets for all the active new members at the August meeting on Wednesday, Aug 11th at 6pm at Super China Buffet in Eastbrook Plaza. Our Membership continues to grow and for this, we “oldsters” are extremely thankful.

      Please remember to bring donations for Chapel to the August meeting. 


 Treasurer’s Report                                                  August Birthdays

Previous Balance              631.98                            8/2  Cyndi Foley                          

Dues                              80.00                                 8/2  Jim Rudicel                                    

50/50 drawing               10.50                                8/6 Roberta Kirchoff

Expenditures                                                           8/8 Margie Bott

Sect’y of State               7.14                                   8/12 Carletta Ault

 Supplies                       18.27                                 8/23 Larry Guthrie

New Balance                      697.07                         9/3   Lynn Weidner                                       

                                                                               9/15 Joan Mabe


The following Mustangs are for sale locally. These cars have been tuned up by Bill Hatton. They are for sale by daughters of Jim & Libby McKenny long time members of the HMC. Contact Beth Lane, (832)230-5999 or cell (832)-834-8566 Pearland, TX.



 (1) 1966 Mustang Convt Red w/ White Top        (2) 1970 Mustang Gold w/Blk Vinyl top

 6cyl AT,AC,PS,PB wire wheel cvrs, Remote       V8-302, AT,Dual exterior non-control 

control LH side mirror, WSW tires, wood grain    mirrors, gold seats & dash, Black                          

gauge panel & Glove box, Red Pony interior &    gauge panel &glove box inserts. No       

carpet, Radio/8 track. 56034 original miles           Rust. $40,046 miles $16,000 

No rust: $17,500


 Submitted by Joan Mabe Sec’t (Jim Bott) 


June 2009

The Hoosier Mustang Club met June 10th at Super China Buffet. President Jim Bott presided over the business meeting. The 50/50 drawing of $ 11.00 was won by

            Amanda Weidner. There were18 members present as well as two new members that joined in Lynn and Joy Lykins. Another new member who was not in

            attendance is Leah Mullins who owns a 2003 Red Metallic Mustang coupe.

           Frank Bayles reported that there has been good response to the Friday evening cruise-ins in downtown Columbus with interest from some participants in joining

            our club.

            The Madison River Run was held May 23rd and was attended by Steve and Lynn Weidner, Kyle and Amanda Weidner, Bill and Vicki Trimpe, and Frank and Sandy

            Bayles. Both weather and the event itself were great.

          Secretary Joan Mabe explained the contents of the new membership packets and new members Lynn and Joy Lykins were the first to receive one. Thanks to Jim Bott and Kyle Weidner for helping with these and the plan is to have enough made up that all members can receive one.

            The 7th annual all Ford show at O’Reilly Raceway Park was held June 7th. Those attending were Frank and Sandy Bayles, Kyle and Amanda Weidner, and Steve

            and Lynn Weidner. There were approximately 600 vehicles there. On June 6th, the Westport Covered Bridge Festival was held. Those participating in the parade

  were Don and Martha Lawless and Jim and Marge Bott. Jim and Marge Bott also attended the Moose Park Car Show. Also on June 7th, the Garden City Church of Christ held a car show. Those attending were Jim Rudicel, Leah Mullins, and Jim and Marge Bott. The attendees were pleased with the door prizes and gift bags.

            The June 14th North Vernon Railroad Days parade will be led by Jim and Marge Bott. The Pony Drive sponsored by the Fall City Mustang Club will be held June

            19th and 20th  at the Quartermaster Station in Jeffersonville. All those attending this event will meet at Frank Bayles shop at 8AM on the 20th. June 27th is the annual

            cars and guitars car show in Seymour. Those interested in attending this event will meet at Jay C food store on the west side of Seymour at 1PM. The event begins at 2PM.

Ritter’s Ice Cream shop in Columbus has a cruise-in every Tuesday evening from 6-8PM. Also, on July 3rd through July 5th is the American Stampede in Raleigh, N.C.  

            The next meeting of the Hoosier Mustang Club will be held July 11th at the Hartsville Square Pavilion at 3PM. This is a pitch-in with homemade ice cream. Ruthie Boyle will furnish table service, soft drinks, lemonade, and tea. Members are to bring deserts, sandwiches, or snack foods and their lawn chairs.

 Bill Trimpe spoke about the 1st Annual Waymansville St. Peters Lutheran Church Car and Tractor Show. Pre-registration is $5 per vehicle and $10 day of show.

            Checks should be made payable to: St. Peters Car Show…….mailed to Margie Trimpe/Car Show, 4616 Ashwood Dr., Seymour, In. 47274. Please include name,

            address, phone, e-mail address, and year and make/model of vehicle.


            Frank Bayles made a motion to allow active military personnel free membership

            into the club. This does not include ‘weekend only’ National Guard. The motion



            Kyle Weidner noted that the August 15 Road Rally time is to be determined. He

            also discussed antique license plates and if your vehicle is 25 years or older and

            you have a plate that is the year of your vehicle, you can register that as your

            primary plate.


            July is the second donation time for our club to contribute to Love Chapel. Jim and

            Marge Bott will make the delivery so everyone is encouraged to bring their food

            pantry items to the July meeting.

            Joan Mabe made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Vicki Trimpe.   



            Treasurers Report:  Previous Balance   $545.98


                                             50/50                         11.00

                                             Dues                          75.00

                                              New Balance        $ 631.98


May 2009

The Hoosier Mustang Club met May 13th at China Buffet in Columbus. There were 18 members present.

The meeting was called to order by Jim Bott. The 50/50 drawing of $9.00 was won by Amanda Weidner. The treasurer’s report stated the following information:               

                Beginning Balance:   466.98

                50/50                             9.00

                Dues                            65.00

                Window Sticker              5.00

                No Expenses

                New Balance:             545.98

Frank Bayles reported that there were two cars that participated in the Jim O’Neal Ford cruise-in. Also the Friday night cruise-in in downtown Columbus has started but attendance has been limited due to weather. 

There were 5 couples who attended the 45th anniversary show in Birmingham, Al. Those attending were Ernest and Donna Dailey, Lonnie and Sharon Hembree, Kyle and Amanda Weidner, Steve and Lynn Weidner, and Frank and Sandy Bayles.

Jim Bott read names of those members who have not paid their 2009 dues. There are 7 members in arrears.

Kyle Weidner reported on the May 2 Cob-Web tour. There were 7 cars that participated. The tour left West Hill shopping center, proceeded to Nashville, Bean Blossom, Bloomington, and Ellettsville with the destination being Spencer. The group ate at the Hilltop restaurant before returning home.

One event date change was noted. Cars and guitars will be held on Saturday June 27th in Seymour rather than June 30th .  

Other upcoming events include the Shelby Spring Fling at Brown County State Park, May 15, 16, and 17. The Madison River Run is May 23rd .Registration is $20 day of show. The Back in Time cruise-in will be May 30th in Brownstown. The All-Ford show at O’Reilly Raceway Park will be held June 5-7. This event is sponsored by the Indy club. The annual railroad days parade in North Vernon will be held June 14th  

The next meeting of the Hoosier Mustang Club will be held June 10th at China Buffet. 

Sharon Hembree made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Vickie Trimpe.


April 2009

The Hoosier Mustang Club met April 4th at Tannehill Clubhouse at 5PM. There were 14 members present. Jim and Marge Bott were responsible for the arrangements. 

The meeting was called to order by Joan Mabe, as requested by President Jim Bott. Frank Bayles discussed the cruise-in to be held at Jim O’Neal Ford in Sellersburg Saturday April 11th from 11AM to 4PM. Those interested in participating were instructed to meet at Frank’s house at 9:30AM.

Frank Bayles reported that the City of Columbus has again approved the Friday night cruise-in for 2009. They will be held on Jackson street between 5th and 7th streets beginning at 6PM. May 1st will be the first evening for this season and they will be held until October 30th. This is open to any make and model of car.

All members planning on attending the 45th anniversary of the Ford Mustang inBirmingham, Al will drive separately rather than in a group. However, members are encouraged to meet as a group once there.

Upcoming car shows include the Madison River Fun Show which will be held Saturday May 23rd , the ‘Back-In-Time’ cruise-in at Brownstown Saturday May 30th , and the 30th annual All-Ford show at O’Reilly’s Raceway Park,  June 5th  through the 7th, sponsored by the Indianapolis Mustang Club. There will also be a Mustang Show in Somerset, Ky. on August 21st and 22nd. More information will be given on this event at a later date.                                                   

The club discussed giving new members a club packet consisting of the meeting schedule, a copy of the club By-Laws, membership listing, and the events calendar. 

The next meeting will be held May 13th at the China Buffet located in Eastbrook Plaza in Columbus beginning at 6PM with the meal and the meeting to follow.

Welcome new members Marcy and Guy Stott.

Due to the small attendance at the April meeting, there was no 50/50 drawing.

Russell Kuhn made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Marge Bott.

Treasurer’s report:                Previous Balance   $ 381.98

                                              Deposits-Dues            85.00


                                              New Balance:         $ 466.98


March 2009

The Hoosier Mustang Club met March 11th  at Frank Bayles Upholstery Shop.

President Jim Bott opened the meeting and roll call was taken by Joan Mabe. There were fourteen members present and two guests in attendance including Tyler Flickinger and Devin Cross.

The 50/50 drawing was $6.50 and was won by Betty Black.

Frank Bayles reported that there will be an afternoon cruise-in, Saturday April 11 at Jim O’Neal Ford in Sellersburg. This event is sponsored by the Falls City Mustang Club. Frank also reported that he is continuing to locate a site in downtown Columbus for the Friday night cruise-in.

Love Chapel donations are still needed. Marge Bott reported that she took six bags of groceries to Love Chapel that was donated by the club. Some monetary donations were received at the March meeting as well.  

Kyle Weidner will announce final plans for the May 2nd Cobweb tour at the April meeting.

The next meeting will be held on April 4th at Tannehill Club house at 5PM. This will be a pitch-in and please bring your own table service. Drinks will be provided by Jim and Marge Bott. We will eat at 5 PM and the meeting will be held at 6PM. 

Lonnie Hembree made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Marge Bott.

Treasurer’s report:

   Previous balance:            $ 427.48

   50/50 drawing                         6.50

   Dues                                     80.00





   Tannehill                           $  90.00

    Postage                                42.00


                                             $ 132.00


   New Balance:                    $ 381.98


February 2009


The Hoosier Mustang Club met February 11 at the home of Jim and Marge Bott. This was a ‘pitch-in’ event with the Bott’s providing chili and other members providing sides and desserts.

The 50/50 drawing was $5.50 and was won by Ruthie Boyle.

President Jim Bott opened the meeting and roll call was taken by Joan Mabe. There were thirteen members present and one guest.

Old Business:

Frank Bayles reported that there were no club participants in the December Festival of Lights parade due to the inclement weather. 

Terry Thomas reported that seventeen people attended the Christmas party at Batar on December 13. The 2009 Christmas party will be located at Batar as well with a definite date to be announced later.

Jim Bott took a few minutes to reflect on member Glen Ault who passed away on January 29th. Glen was responsible for making the presidents plaque which each president has while he or she is in office and the plaque includes the names of all past presidents. Glen’s work and dedication to the club will be missed.

New Business:

Jim Bott asked for volunteers to serve on the activities committee. Those members who will serve this are Jim and Marge Bott, Frank Bayles, Kyle Weidner, Steve Weidner, Russell Kuhn, Joan Mabe, and Terry Thomas.  This group scheduled a meeting for February 24th to be held at Bayle’s upholstery shop on Hwy 31 S. The meeting will begin at 6PM.

Frank Bayles discussed the possibility of the club meeting at an established location each month rather than meeting at different restaurants. He also suggested that perhaps we have a scheduled meeting night and another evening for food and fellowship. These suggestions were tabled for the present until after the activities committee has met.

The March 11th meeting will be held at Bayle’s upholstery shop beginning at 6PM

 Treasurer’s report:

   Beginning Balance                                                                                $464.98

   Receipts (dues, void check, Christmas dinner)                                     $535.00                  

   Expenditures: (Christmas party, memorials and donations

                            Festival of Lights, PO Box rental)                                 $553.00


   New Balance                                                                                         $421.98


Marge Bott made a motion that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded by Paul Moffitt. (motion passed)


JANUARY 30, 2009

     Since there was no meeting for January and no newsletter from the December Christmas party, I thought it was needed to update and announce where the February meeting was to be held.

     Our condolences and sympathy go out to Glen Ault’s family. Glen died Thursday January 29th. He had been sick for sometime. He will be missed as he did a lot for the club. Just one of the many things He did was to make the current Presidents plaque. Our prayers go out to him.

   Club dues should be paid, check with the Secretary to find out what yours are.

   There were 17 people at the Christmas party, 16 members including a new member Donna Dailey and one guest Maxine Howard:

 Ruth Boyle, Maxine Howard, Terry Thomas, Cathy Thomas, Lonnie Hembree, Sharon Hembree, Bill Trimpe, Vickie Trimpe, Don Lawless, Martha Lawless, Steve Weidner, Lynn Weidner, Frank Bayles, Sandy Bayles, Jim Bott, Margie Bott and Donna Dailey

     The February meeting will be held on Wednesday 6PM February 11, 2009 . This will be a pitch-in Chill Super with crackers, drinks (iced tea, lemonade, coffee and pop) plates, bowls and silverware will be furnished. Members are requested to furnish salads, desserts and side dishes. The location is Jim & Margie Bott’s. Please contact Jim & Margie if you need directions.


Jim Bott



NOVEMBER 11, 2008

The November meeting of the Hoosier Mustang Club was held Saturday November 8 at 5PM, at the Tanneyhill trailer park clubhouse. The 50/50 drawing was won by Sharon Hembree for $8.50 (17.00). 

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Joan Mabe at 6:15PM with 20 members and one guest. (Maxine Howard).

Treasurer’s report was given. Secretary took silent roll call and report was given.



 -Huber Family Farms – Terry Thomas gave report that 7 people went on this trip;  Trimpes’, Thomas’, Bott’s, and Ruth Boyle. (something to think about in future, there were two car showings being held Porsche and Chevy Impala - Big Crowd.

 -Frank Bayles reported on the Cruse-in activity, not as many turned out for last two for the year. This activity may be moved for next year for many reasons. Should start again next May 2009. 



 -HOLLY ANN BRUNS-  Jim Bott reported that Holly was killed in tragic bicycle-truck accident October 31. She was the daughter of one of the members Teresa C Bruns and the late Dale E Bruns. We wish to express our sympathy to the family. A memorial is to be sent to Holly Bruns Memorial Scholarship for South Decatur & Immaculate Conception  Academy students.

-45th year anniversary of the Ford Mustang Car will be held in Alabama April 16-19, 2009. Plan to go and pursue lodging now, do not wait until next year.   Lodging will get tight.

 -Parade of lights Saturday Dec 1st. Motion made by Frank Bayles, 2nd’ by Cathy Thomas to issue a check to cover the fee ($15-$25)  Frank Bayles will be in charge of the Parade of Lights. He is to contact the Chamber of Commerce for details.

-Christmas Party Dec 13 Saturday 6PM at Batar between Seymour and North Vernon. The club will be required to pay for 20 people the cost is $15.00/person. It was voted that the gift exchange be raised to $10.00 – no gag gifts. There is usually a short meeting no newsletter will be issued. It was voted that $25.00 gifts will be available one each for a man and a woman as door prizes.

 -January 2009 Meeting. Margie Bott made motion to cancel, 2nd’ by Cathy Thomas and approved by members vote.

 -June 5,6 2009 Indianapolis Club to host the MCA. Only Frank Bayles is planning to go at present.

 -Our prayers are with Glen and Carletta Ault, they would like to have visitors. Carletta said to tell all “Hi”.

 -Looking for at least 6 volunteers to develop the Activities List for 2009. This list should be available by the April meeting.

 -Love Chapel- Reminder that the club voted to provide food goods twice a year. Please bring to the February meeting. Last time for the year will be around July.

 -Hospice- Motion made by Jim Rudicel, 2nd’ by Don Lawless to donate $100.00 as we have been doing. The motion carried.

 -Club dues are to be paid in February. See the Treasurer for what is your amount.

 -Frank Bayles reported that because of high insurance cost we should hold off trying to have a car show at Fair Oaks  at this time. Jim Rudicel volunteered to approach his insurance company for information, requirements and cost.

 -Next meeting will be held December 13 at 6PM at Batar. See info on Club Christmas party.

 -Motion was made to adjourn by Sharon Hembree and 2nd’ by Margie Bott. Time was approximately 7:30PM.

 -Nomination for the officers was made last month. Ballots were passed for election of officers for 2009:

       Jim Bott - president

       Don Lawless – vice president

       Joan Mabe/Terry Thomas –Secretary

       Cathy Thomas will be treasurer for one more year.

  The following are volunteers:

       Frank Bayles – Coordinate Car Shows

       Russell Kuhn – Communications

       Kyle Weidner- Web Site



 Treasurer’s Report                                                   December Birthdays

Previous Balance        $456.48                                    Vickie Trimpe     12/12   

 Receipts: 50/50 drawing             8.50                         Don Lawless       12/21          

               membership               15.00               

 Expenditures: Tanneyhill rent 15.00    

New Balance               $464.98                              


 Submitted by Ruth Boyle (Jim Bott) 



OCTOBER 13, 2008


The October meeting of the Hoosier Mustang Club was held Saturday October 11 at 3PM, China Buffet, Eastbrook Plaza. The 50/50 drawing was won by Don Lawless for $11.50.

Vice President Joan Mabe opened the meeting at 4:15PM with 17 members and one guest.

Treasurer’s report was given. Secretary took silent Roll and report was given.



- Frank & Sandy Bayles drove two cars to General Butler State Park and won 2nd & 3rd places in their class. Activity put on by Derby City Mustang, Louisville, KY.

- Hot Rod  Rock & Roll included 12 cars from our club. 2 possible new members were met.

- Hope Heritage parade had 12 cars and three guests. Glen Ault drove accompanied by Carletta and their grandson.

- Ethnic Expo parade included 13 cars & 3 guests (Moffitts niece & friend, William Bayles)

- Bean supper, to be held after Ethnic Expo, was canceled because of the death of Vickie Trimpe’s brother –The club wishes family sympathy at this time. Cards were passed to be sent to Trimpe’s and Glen Ault.

- Cruse-in Oct 3rd  had 23 cars plus 8 from Indianapolis club. We have the following dates scheduled Oct 17, 24 & 31. Cruse-in’s will be held on Jackson St. between 2nd & 3rd Streets from 6-10PM.  After that will probably stop holding until April 2009.

- Memorial will be sent to Margaret Ping of $25.00 she was inadvertently overlooked.

- Nominations were presented: Jim Bott, Don Lawless –president, vice president;  Joan Mabe –Secretary. Cathy Thomas will be treasurer for one more year.



-10/18   Huber Family Farm - Great food & winery. Meet at 10AM at Seymour Big Lots.

Will eat @ 11:45AM.

-11/8 November meeting Tannehill Trailer Park clubhouse5PM table service & drinks furnished.

-A thank you letter received form Love Chapel for $75.00 we gave them.

-Food and money was collected for delivery to Love Chapel. Club agreed to do this twice a year. Margie Bott delivered several bags and $100.00 to them recently.

-The 45th year anniversary of the Ford Mustang car will be held in Alabama April 16-19, 2009. Plan to go. Need to pursue lodging. Best not wait until next year if you plan to go.

-6/5-6/2009 Indianapolis Club to host the MCA. Frank Bayles is planning to go at present.

Frank Bayles wants a car show at Fair Oaks Think on this. Whats needed????

Margie Bott made motion to adjourn, seconded by Jim Bott at 5:10PM.


Treasurer’s Report                                                   November Birthdays

Previous Balance        $407.35

Receipts: 50/50 drawing            11.50

membership                65.00

misc stickers               10.00

Expenditures:   Off labels          30.48

Off tickets         6.89

New Balance               $456.48                              Submitted by Ruth Boyle (Jim Bott)


 September 2008


The September meeting of the Hoosier Mustang Club was held Wednesday September 10 at Broad Acres, State Road 7, near North Vernon.

The 50/50 drawing was won by Joan Mabe for $11.50 total $23.00. President Bill Trimpe opened the meeting at 6:55PM with 24 members and two guests; Maxine Howard and Don Stevens Treasurer’s report was given. Roll call was taken. Pres. Trimpe thanked Russell and Kyle for what they have done for the club.



It was suggested that the NV Railroad Days could possibly be improved by more advertising be undertaken.



9/13 General Butler State Park judging to be held 8AM to noon ($25.00 fee) put on by Derby City Mustang, Louisville, Ky to close at 5PM.

9/20 Hot Rod and Rock & Roll festival in Columbus. The club agreed to meet as a group at 10AM at Mill Race Park entrance. Time is 3-7PM for car viewing with free concert.  

9/28 Hope Heritage Days Parade.  Arrive at staging area 10AM to 1PM at which time it closes.(all must be in their area by times listed) Hoosier Mustang parade entry is #51 with staging #3. Turn off State Rd 9 on to South St and proceed to Paden staging area.

10/11 Saturday the Columbus Ethnic Expo parade is to be held. Lineup will be announced.  A pitch-in bean supper at Waymansville Lutheran Church at 3PM follows the Expo parade. Ham & beans, corn bread and drinks will be furnished. Members are to bring salads, desserts or anything that will go with the ham & beans.

10/18   Huber Family Farm - Great food & winery. Meet at 10AM at Seymour Big Lots.

Kyle Weidner announced that Cruise-in’s are to be held every Friday 9/5, 9/12, 9/19 & 9/26. Between 2nd & 3rd Streets to show your cars.


Heritage Fund thanked us for the $100.00 we gave them.

Food and money was collected for delivery to Love Chapel. Club agreed to do this twice a year.

If you want your car on the web site get a picture to Kyle.

The 45th year anniversary of the Ford Mustang car will be held in Alabama April 16-19, 2009. Plan to go.

Motion was made to keep red & white name signs for your car.

Jim Bott made motion to adjourn, seconded by Cyndi Foley at 7:35PM.



Treasurer’s Report                                                  October Birthdays

Previous Balance        $395.85                                      George Russell        4th


     50/50 drawing            11.50                                       Billie Moffitt         11th

New Balance               $407.35

Submitted by Carletta Ault (Jim Bott)

August 2008

The August meeting of The Hoosier Mustang Club was held Wednesday, August 13th at Ryan’s in Seymour, with 19 members present. Bill Trimpe called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  Treasurer’s report was given by Terry Thomas and silent roll call was taken.  The 50/50 drawing was won by potential new member Greg Scott $10.00.   


Old Business: Ruthy Boyle attended the Old Union Church of Christ car show.  However, she didn’t bring her car.  Elaine Pope and Ruthy had lunch and enjoyed the nice car show. The trip to Cliff Stream Farms on Saturday July 26th was a great time. Those in attendance were Glen & Carletta Ault, Betty Black, Jim & Marge Bott, Don & Martha Lawless, Terry & Cathy Thomas, and Bill & Vicki Trimpe. Lunch was great. Total Mustangs was 5 & 2 non mustangs.  Some of us went on to Montgomery Farms for a car cruise in there were over 100 cars of different varieties. 


New Business: Jim Bott had an article from the North Vernon Paper. They want new ideas for the festival for next year. Put your thinking caps on.   

Frank Bayles has been given permission to have a cruise in every Friday night for the month of Aug.  Last Fri was the First one and had a total of 15 cars attend. It is from 6-10 PM every Friday in August between 2nd & 3rd Streets on Jackson Street. Please plan to attend. 

New Member Russell Kuhn has agreed to act as our communications person.  He said he will e-mail our newsletters to all of us with computers and will help with newsletters if we want him to. Thanks Russell          

New Member Kyle Weidner has designed our web Please look this up. It is really great. He would like pictures of your mustang to put it on the web site. Also events, items for sale, parts etc.  

April 16-19 2009 is the 45th year Anniversary of The Mustang Club. It will be held in Alabama. More info later.  Please plan to attend 

The overnighter to Hodgenville has been cancelled.  

The Paddock car show in Knightstown will be August 23 9-4. Meet in Target Parking lot near Dairy Queen at 8:00 AM.  

Hope Heritage Parade Sept 28th. Marge Bott made a motion and 2nd by Joan Mabe to give $25.00 to The Hope Parade Committee.     

Motion made & seconded to adjourn @ 7:40


New Members: Kyle & Amanda Weidner, Claude & Tieanne Blackburn, Russell Kuhn, Joe Bayles, Larry & Marti Guthrie, and Steve & Lynn Weidner.