Member Spotlight - Terry Abel

Unlike most of my fellow friends in the HMC club I do not bleed Ford blue, however my passion for one Ford is as strong as anyone's. I got my first taste of the Mustang lifestyle in 1970 or thereabouts when I received my first car although it was 1⁄4 scale and required strong legs to pedal. I knew I really had a fast one when my father applied the STP decal.

Even as a toddler I can remember my dad speaking about all the great race drivers and of course the Mustang. In 2009 I bought my first full scale Mustang (2008 Mustang GT) . It was quite a beautiful car and I enjoyed it as I finally joined the HMC club in 2009 and had lots of activities to participate in and hung out with fine folks who shared the same passion.

In 2011 I traded my 08 and purchased a 2012 Shelby GT 500 as this had been something I had wanted ever since my dad introduced me via magazines to Carroll Shelby.

It's really not an accident that my daughter's first name matches his last name. As most owners do I modified the GT 500 for a bit more power and had planned on keeping it for a long time as it was nearly everything I wanted....until they introduced the Shelby GT 350.
At the urging of my wife Mary I looked long and hard for the color that I had to have (kona blue, white stripes) .

I purchased my 19 GT 350 about 8 months ago and I believe this one will keep me happy for a long while.